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Only rarely will a person arrested for illegal drug possession be surprised when law enforcement officers confiscate the controlled substances found in a pocket, a car or a residence. When cash, motor vehicles or other valuable items are also seized, however, a whole new set of legal problems arises.

If you need to understand your right to recover property that has been seized for forfeiture related to a drug arrest or other criminal problems, contact a knowledgeable Annapolis seizures and forfeitures attorney at the Annapolis law firm of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, for a free consultation. Our familiarity with Maryland criminal law and asset forfeiture procedures related to criminal prosecutions can represent an important advantage toward recovering improperly seized assets or compromising forfeiture cases under a wide range of circumstances.

Understanding Civil Forfeiture And Seizure Of Assets

Asset forfeiture is a state and federal law enforcement tool that is intended to reach the profits generated by various forms of criminal activity, especially drug trafficking and distribution. Maryland law permits law enforcement officers to seize cash and weapons found in close proximity to illegal drugs during an arrest or execution of a search warrant.

Law enforcement officials can also seize property later suspected to represent the proceeds of drug dealing, money laundering or another criminal activity. In order to make an asset seizure stick, the police only need to prove that it is more likely than not that the property was connected with a crime or a pattern of criminal activity. The owner of the property can then try to prove that the cash or other property confiscated was unrelated to any crime.

At Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, we advise people about the different ways to prove a right to recover seized or forfeited property. In many cases, we can show that cash seized actually represented legal earnings, or that the use of property in committing a crime was done without any knowledge or permission on the part of the rightful owner. Because the owner of the property bears the burden of proof on these issues, it is sometimes necessary to resolve them through compromise.

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To learn more about your options for recovering property seized by state or federal law enforcement officials, contact an Annapolis seizures and civil forfeitures attorney at Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, for a free consultation.

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