College Students And Drug Charges In Maryland

If you are a college student, an arrest on drug charges can have consequences that go far beyond immediate concerns such as a fine and jail time. If not handled properly, it can result in sanctions at school and loss of financial aid. It can even make it more difficult to get into graduate school and obtain future employment.

At the Annapolis law firm of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, our lawyers have the experience and the courtroom skills to protect your future if you face criminal charges. We represent students attending the United States Naval Academy, the University of Maryland, and other universities in Maryland. Contact us 24/7 for a free consultation.

University Student Drug Convictions And Student Aid

Anyone convicted of a drug crime has limited eligibility to receive federal student aid. If you are already receiving student aid and are convicted of a drug crime, you might lose eligibility and may be liable for returning any financial aid you received during a period of ineligibility. Fortunately, our lawyers are often successful in resolving drug charges without a conviction.

Keeping Your Record As Clear As Possible

Criminal background checks are increasingly common in all professions. A drug conviction can be particularly damaging for anyone:

  • Seeking a career as a doctor, pharmacist or nurse
  • Attending officer candidate school (OCS)
  • Seeking a career that requires a security clearance
  • Working as a teacher
  • Working for the government

As your attorneys, we will work hard to keep a one-time mistake from having a damaging effect on your future. In addition to handling your criminal case, we will represent you at any college disciplinary hearings related to the drug arrest.

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