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In Maryland, conviction for armed robbery carries a potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison. This is five years more than for robbery.

But what is "armed robbery"? The answer may surprise you. If you display a gun or a knife when committing a robbery, that is certainly armed robbery. But you can also be charged with armed robbery if you employ the simplest of objects, such as a stick or something else that is not really a weapon. You can even be charged with armed robbery if you have no weapon at all — for example, by passing a note during a robbery that states that you have a concealed weapon on your person.

Because of the enhanced penalties upon conviction for armed robbery, a person charged with armed robbery needs strong and effective defense representation. Get legal help today.

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Protecting Your Rights, Preserving Your Freedom

Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of Maryland criminal law. In your case, we will thoroughly examine the factual and legal issues to develop an appropriate defense strategy. Some of the issues to be examined include the following:

  • Would a reasonable person consider the object in question to actually be a weapon?
  • Was there really a direct or implied threat to use violence during the event?
  • Is the accused actually the one who engaged in the robbery or is it a case of mistaken identity?
  • Are there mitigating factors that would indicate that a lesser charge would be more appropriate and just than the charge of armed robbery?
  • Is there a way to sever the link between the alleged weapon and the accused?

The answers to these and other questions could lead to a positive outcome. Cochran and Chhabra, LLC, will work tenaciously to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

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