Skilled Defense Against Arson Charges

When prosecutors decide to go after you with a criminal charge, they often charge a lot of things, hoping something might stick. And so you might be charged not only with various degrees of arson, but also with malicious destruction of property or criminal property damage.

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How Serious Are Arson Or Charges Involving Burning?

The first thing you need to realize about arson charges is that arson can involve other types of burning besides the burning of a building. Under Maryland law, it can be of just about anything.

This broad definition could include cars and other motor vehicles. When urban conflict arises in Baltimore or elsewhere, this is a type of burning that can easily occur, along with other violent offenses.

The most serious penalties are for the burning of a dwelling or the burning of a structure where there is a human being present. First-degree arson of this type carries up to a 30-year prison term for a conviction.

There are also other offenses that involve burning, such as malicious destruction of property and criminal property damage. The penalty for burning someone's personal property that is worth $1,000 or more can be up to five years in prison.

Don't Delay In Getting A Strong Advocate On Your Side

No matter what you have been charged with, you need to respond with a smart defense. Let us use our experience on your behalf to assert your rights and push back against the charges.

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