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As the use and abuse of prescription medications has risen, it has also drawn greater attention from state and federal law enforcement agencies. As a result, an increasing number of addicts and recreational users have found themselves facing felony drug charges, as well as those accused of supplying prescription drugs.

The punishment for prescription drug offenses can be every bit as harsh as for other controlled substances. A conviction for illegally possessing or distributing these drugs can result in prison time and long-term impact on employment and other facets of life. You need experienced legal counsel to protect your rights and mitigate the consequences.

The Annapolis criminal defense lawyers of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC can capably represent you. We handle drug crimes in state and federal courts of Anne Arundel, Prince George's, Montgomery, Howard and Queen Anne's counties. Contact us 24/7 for a free consultation.

Possession Of Prescription Drugs · Trafficking In Prescription Narcotics

Possessing just one pill of prescription-only medications without the required prescription can trigger felony charges. Larger amounts can easily result in charges of intent to distribute or drug trafficking. We handle all allegations relating to prescription drugs:

  • Possession of oxycodone, Vicodin, Valium, etc. without a valid prescription
  • Selling pills on the street or over the Internet
  • Prescription fraud (forging or altering prescriptions, doctor shopping)
  • Doctors, dentists, nurses or pharmacy workers stealing or selling pills
  • Pain management clinics improperly writing prescriptions
  • Prescription drug DUI

In cases of legitimate prescriptions, pharmacy receipts or affidavits from a doctor may prevent further prosecution or mitigate the penalties. In many fraud and possession cases there is an underlying addiction to prescription painkillers. Our skilled attorneys always look for opportunities to challenge drug charges in court, but we also keep the door open to outcomes that allow for treatment and recovery rather than jail and a continued cycle of drug dependency.

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Being caught with drugs does not mean that your case is open and shut. Our attorneys are skilled at finding the holes in the prosecution's case, such as Fourth Amendment search and seizure violations. We exhaust all opportunities to have the case dismissed, evidence suppressed, charges reduced or otherwise spare our clients from the worst consequences.

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