Defense Lawyers Handling Carjacking Cases

Prosecutors like to think they have you firmly in their crosshairs. They may even have a witness who claims that you were the one who carjacked his or her vehicle.

But that doesn't mean the case is over. Eyewitness can be mistaken or deceitful. There are defenses that are possible in carjacking cases, and the time to start exploring them is right now.

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What Evidence Do Police Say They Have Against You?

The increased use of key fobs has made many cars harder to steal. But the data suggest that carjacking has become a common offense, with an average of nearly 50,000 cases a year nationally. In Maryland alone, there are several hundred carjackings a year.

So how do you respond if you are charged with carjacking? Our attorneys know that it is critical to assert your rights by challenging the prosecution's evidence.

For one thing, the prosecution's witnesses may be wrong. Research has consistently shown in recent years that eyewitness testimony is often not as reliable as prosecutors claim.

In other cases, it may be that there was sufficient criminal intent to merit a carjacking charge. After all, there is a big difference between commandeering a car through threats of violence and merely taking a joyride.

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