Meth Arrest Defense Attorneys In Annapolis

Methamphetamine is viewed as a danger and a scourge more than other street drugs. Some prosecutors have little compassion for users and no mercy for those accused of dealing meth.

If you are charged with possessing or distributing meth, the maximum penalties are the same as for cocaine. The attorneys of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC are experienced in drug crime defense, including meth charges. We do everything we can to keep clients out of prison and, if there is an underlying addiction, to make sure our clients receive treatment and support rather than mere punishment.

Our criminal defense practice serves Annapolis, Baltimore and surrounding counties of Maryland. Contact us 24/7 for a free initial consultation to learn how we can fight the charges or minimize the consequences.

Maryland Drug Crime Defense: Methamphetamine Charges

Methamphetamine has gained widespread use, especially in urban areas of Maryland. Because it is so addictive, users are often driven to theft, burglary and other crimes to feed their habit. As meth trafficking and associated crimes have risen, state and federal law enforcement agencies have come down hard on meth labs and distribution. The "war on drugs" always falls disproportionately on low-level dealers and drug addicts, and many innocent people caught up the investigation.

Our experienced defense attorneys, Gill Cochran and Mandeep Chhabra, are skilled at challenging the prosecution's facts and assumptions to put our clients in position for the most favorable outcome. By challenging sting operations, search warrants, informants, traffic stops and other grounds for meth arrests, we aim to get charges dismissed or reduced or to get improperly obtained evidence suppressed. We are prepared to go to trial to avoid a harsh prison term, but we also work with the court and with prosecutors to explore alternative outcomes such as drug treatment or probation before judgment (PBJ).

Experienced Annapolis Attorneys For Possession Or Distribution Of Meth Charges

Our trial lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience. We are familiar with the sentencing guidelines as well as the tendencies of different judges. Whether you are struggling with addiction or accused of manufacturing or trafficking in methamphetamine, we offer a free initial consultation to find out how our knowledge and skill can help you. Contact the Annapolis office of Cochran and Chhabra, LLC at 410.268.5515 or 888.268.5515, day or night, or contact us online.

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