Mandatory Minimum Sentences In Maryland

Criminal sentencing guidelines in Maryland are complex. They include mandatory minimum sentences for some charges. This means that if you were charged with a crime that requires a mandatory minimum sentence, the judge cannot give you a lesser sentence if you are convicted, regardless of extenuating circumstances, regardless of whether the punishment truly fits the crime. If you have been charged with a crime that carries a mandatory minimum sentence, you need a lawyer who will aggressively defend you.

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What Charges Come With Mandatory Minimums?

Some reports claim that mandatory minimums are becoming more rare. Unfortunately, they are still a very real threat for people accused of drug crimes like distribution or violent crimes of any kind, including assault and sex offenses.

Mandatory minimums tend to target repeat offenders. If this is the second time you have been charged with a serious drug offense or another crime, there is a greater likelihood that you are at risk of facing a minimum amount of time behind bars.

Fighting Mandatory Minimums

Our attorneys know how to fight mandatory minimum sentences. In every case we handle, we conduct a thorough investigation and do everything possible to find the flaws in the charges and pursue dismissal. In mandatory minimum cases when dismissal is not possible, we strive for opportunities to reduce the charges to something that does not carry a mandatory minimum. Our goal is to prevent incarceration.

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