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An employee who is tasked with handling money or merchandise could be accused of theft if that property is mislaid or comes up missing. Other employees may be driven by circumstances to take property that belongs to their employers. Whatever the facts of the case, a person charged with employee theft could face one or more felony charges and the real possibility of prison time.

Cochran and Chhabra, LLC, in Annapolis, Maryland, is a team of experienced theft defense attorneys that aggressively defends people accused of embezzlement and employee theft. We have more than 60 years of combined trial experience and the intense desire to protect the rights of people accused of serious crimes.

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At Cochran and Chhabra, LLC, we know that good people can make bad decisions. But regardless of the specific circumstances, we believe that everyone who is charged with a crime deserves a strong and effective defense effort. When our law firm defends you, we will do everything we can to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

We will examine the facts in your case and provide clear and unambiguous advice concerning your legal options. Some people accused of theft may be eligible for a probation before judgment (PBJ) outcome. This can enable them to avoid conviction and jail. After completion of the required program, it may even be possible to obtain an expungement that prevents people outside the criminal justice system from learning about the event.

If you choose to go to trial, our lawyers will vigorously defend you, seeking to obtain a dismissal of charges or a not guilty verdict.

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