Annapolis Suspended License Attorneys

The suspension of a driver's license can severely limit your independence, including your ability to get to work. It can be suspended for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • DUI or DWI charges
  • An accumulation of traffic violations
  • Failure to pay fines or fees
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Three speeding convictions within 18 months

If you are caught driving while on a suspended license, you can expect to be given additional charges and compounded penalties. Having a suspended license reinstated is a difficult process and doing it on your own can prove frustrating and tenuous. With the additional complexities you are facing, it can be overwhelming.

Regaining Driving Privileges After A Traffic Offense

At Cochran and Chhabra, LLC, we are committed to helping individuals regain their driving privileges. We also assist in mitigating the impact your record will have upon your insurance rates and premiums, as well as your ability to obtain insurance.

Traffic court can be difficult to navigate. Depending on the circumstances of the situation, the prosecution may take a hard stand against you, unwilling to drop certain charges. On your own, you have little chance of getting the best possible outcome.

We will thoroughly represent your interests, negotiating the situation to the best possible outcome for you. Our skill in criminal defense trials and negotiations give us the experience and skill needed to help you avoid stiff and long-term penalties.

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