Military Personnel DUI Defense In Annapolis

Military personnel arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence are fighting on many fronts — criminal penalties such as jail and fines, administrative license suspension and collateral consequences for insurance rates or civilian jobs. Perhaps most importantly, a DUI can have severe repercussions for security clearance or continued service in the armed forces.

Drunk Driving Defense For Maryland Service Members

At the Annapolis law firm of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, we have the experience and demonstrated courtroom skills to defend your military career, your personal freedoms and everything else at stake. Our DUI defense attorneys represent officers and enlisted personnel of the United States Naval Academy, Andrews Air Force Base, Fort Meade and Fort Detrick. Contact us 24/7 for a free consultation and aggressive representation.

Military Personnel DUI · Protecting The Rights Of Those Who Serve

We are proud to represent seamen, airmen, soldiers, USNA midshipmen and officers of every rank in every branch. We understand that your military career and your civilian employment prospects are at stake, not to mention your freedom, your finances and your good name. We will fight to prevent one regrettable incident from ruining your future.

We know that a DUI conviction can have ramifications for security clearance, promotions, assignments and all facets of military service. We realize that license suspension can be a great hardship, especially if you live off base or your military post involves driving. A felony DUI or repeat offense could result in discharge from the service and bar you from possessing firearms.

Our law firm defends military personnel arrested for DUI or DWI by state police or local law enforcement. If this is your first offense and there are no aggravating factors, we know how to contain these cases to resolve them without long-term impact on your Navy, Air Force or Army career.

We also defend service members arrested on base or on joint jurisdiction roads. While military installations assimilate Maryland DUI law, these cases are heard by a federal magistrate judge. Federal criminal procedure is different from state court and convictions are often punished more harshly. Our criminal defense lawyers know how to assert your rights and your defenses to avoid a conviction or mitigate the fallout.

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