BAC Chart

Driving while intoxicated incurs penalties far beyond fines and tickets. Loss of life or loss of driving privileges are likely consequences for reckless behavior. The following charts can help you estimate how many drinks it may take to cause an accident. Be aware that this calculation is not an exact science. Other factors, including any medications you are prescribed, may affect the calculations suggested below.

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Estimate Your Blood-Alcohol Level

Maryland DWI Legal Limit .07
Maryland DUI Legal Limit .08

Count your drinks and check opposite your body weight.
(1 drink = 12 oz Beer, 4 oz Wine, or 1 oz Hard Liquor)

100 lb.
120 lb.
140 lb.
160 lb.
180 lb.
200 lb.
220 lb.
240 lb.

Subtract from this the % of Alcohol "Burned Up" during the time elapsed from your first drink.

Hours since 1st Drink123456

The remainder is an estimate of the % of alcohol in your blood

Example 160 lb person has 7 drinks in 6 hours = .164 minus .090 = .074

Blood-Alcohol Content Calculator

  Beer Wine Liquor
Fluid Ounces 12 4 1 to 1.5
Alcohol Content ~ 4% ~ 11% 30% to 50%
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