DUI Arrest With A Child In The Vehicle

Under Maryland law, enhanced penalties apply for transporting a passenger under the age of 18 while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Beyond the normal DUI penalties, a conviction for DUI with a child in the vehicle is punishable by large fines and substantial jail time.

Did you have one or more children on board when you were arrested for DUI or DWI? The experienced criminal defense lawyers of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC will fight to spare you from the harshest consequences. We represent the accused in Annapolis, Baltimore and throughout Maryland. Contact us 24/7 for a free consultation.

DUI/DWI While Transporting A Child

The potential sentence for driving drunk with a child in the vehicle depends on prior DUIs, blood-alcohol content (BAC) and other factors. If a passenger is under age 18 and the driver's BAC is .08 or greater, it is punishable as an aggravated DUI.

A first offense of DUI while transporting a child carries up to two years in jail and a fine of $2,000. A second offense carries up to three years and $3,000, and a third or fourth offense up to four years and $4,000. The presence of a child in the car also increases the penalties for a lesser charge of DWI (driving while impaired).

We can't argue that the child wasn't in the car, but we can call into question the underlying drunk driving charges. We prepare a true DUI defense by examining all evidence, from the traffic stop and roadside tests to the breathalyzer results and the arresting officer's conduct.

Annapolis DUI Defense Attorneys

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