Prenuptial Agreements

Should you have a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements (or “prenups”) are often associated with wealth, but these agreements are not just for the affluent. When prepared by Andrea, prenuptial agreements can settle property and financial matters before marriage, so that in the unfortunate event of a future divorce, the parties’ legal issues are already resolved.

Statistically, 49 marriages in 100 end in divorce. Many engaged couples are considering how their assets, debts and property should be divided in that event. While that may seem unromantic to some, others consider it to be pragmatic financial planning.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, it is crucial to start the discussions and preparation well in advance of the marriage ceremony. Both parties must be represented, and both must disclose their assets and liabilities truthfully and completely.

What to expect

You will meet with Andrea, either remotely or in-person, to discuss your earnings/earning potential, property and the reasons you want a prenuptial agreement. Andrea will expect you to disclose to us a complete list of your assets and liabilities.

Understanding your options

After gaining an understanding of your assets and liabilities and why you are considering a prenuptial agreement, Andrea will present you with your options and recommend a plan for accomplishing your goal(s).

Identifying issues and realities

Andrea will be clear and direct with you regarding the issues that can and cannot be resolved by way of a prenuptial agreement. She will also discuss potential future problems that may arise and how to successfully resolve them.

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