Custody and Visitation/Access

Child Custody Disputes

There are few things more emotionally draining than a child custody dispute. Determining how decisions will be made for your children and the schedule for which they will see each parent is one of the most meaningful and significant areas of family law.

If the time comes for two parents to part ways, they must address how they will raise their children between two different households. This means examining their children’s individual needs and formulating guidelines for co-parenting, including establishing a visitation or access schedule for each parent. This is not an easy task for parents who are unable to see eye to eye.

Our clients are the experts in their children. Andrea relies on them to give her a glimpse into their children’s lives and into their own lives as co-parents. Andrea aims to maximize the areas in which our clients and their co-parents can agree and if an agreement cannot be reached, Andrea works in tandem with our clients to build and present to the Court the most compelling case for custody of their children.

What to expect

You can expect to meet with Andrea, either remotely or in-person, to discuss your custody and visitation issues. She will gather background and current information by way of question and answer and provide you with your options regarding legal and physical custody, whether you are in the preliminary planning stages or engaged in active litigation. Andrea will educate you on the various factors the courts are required to consider when making custody and access determinations.

Understanding your options

No child is the same and, therefore, no custody case is the same. After a comprehensive assessment of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case, Andrea will discuss your realistic options for moving forward and will answer any questions that may arise.

Identifying issues and realities

There are very few, if any, “slam dunk” custody/visitation cases. Andrea will identify the existing concerns in your case and anticipate any future challenges that may arise. She will discuss how to avoid those challenges or, if unavoidable, how to handle them in a manner that will not adversely affect the trajectory of your case.

Defining outcomes

At the outset of our professional relationship, Andrea will define your desired custody/visitation outcomes and create a plan for achieving them. As children and their needs may change over the course of the representation, Andrea will help you determine, throughout the process, what changes to the plan, if any, are necessary.

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