Gill Cochran

Great job
Mr. Cochran and his team were very professional and handling my case with the outcome much better than I anticipated. I would highly recommend Mr. Cochran and his firm to anybody in need of legal help.

5.0 stars | Great Job in Traffic Court | by Steve | August 29, 2017

Mr. Cochran was fantastic in representing me during my trial in Maryland District Traffic Court. He was proactive in defending me which resulted in the judge ruling probation before judgement for my speeding ticket. With the ruling, the points (5 points) were waived. I paid the fine and court costs but not having the points on my record was a preferred outcome.

Great Job in Traffic Court | by Marcus | May 23, 2017

As someone, who in his professional life has hired many attorneys (e.g., breach of contract, mergers, civil defense, patent, etc.), I give Mr. Cochran my highest possible evaluation and greatest recommendation. He delivers results.

Highest Grade | by Bill | May 9, 2017

Gill took care of everything for me in 2006.. He helped make it go away and then assisted in expungement years later. thank you Gill!

Perfect Attorney, resolved my domestic assault charges gracefully | by Ryan | May 3, 2017

Great attorney who made me feel safe and comfortable. Worked a deal out with the states attorney to get a favorable verdict. Thanks Gill!

Awesome | by anonymous | March 28, 2017

Mr. Cochran handled my case from start to finish, in a clear, precise, cost effective manor. I did not have to travel out of state for my court appearance and and all points were dropped from speeding charge. We never had to meet in person, everything was done over the phone and via email. Thank you again!

Five stars for Gill Cochran | by Tom | March 1, 2017

Mr Gill Cochran is a awesome lawyer he did a great job with my case. He is so professional and so easy to talk to. He told me what was going to happen from beginning to end.

Wonderful lawyer | by Yolanda | February 23, 2017

I could not have asked for a better outcome of my case. I received a PBJ on eight charges, including a DUI. Gill did a fantastic job, he will be highly recommended.

by William

Gill Cochran defended me in a vehicular manslaughter case. He made the entire process simple and thoroughly explained everything to me, whether I wanted to hear it or not,in a way that made feel comfortable and put me at ease. He worked very hard for me and in the court room he was extremely professional and in control. Gill was able to prove that I had nothing in my system that wouldhave caused me to crash. I was completely cleared of the all charges.
Gill also represented me on drug charges which he got me off with probation. He was aware that I had a problem and showed great concern about me and wanting me to get treatment. I would highly recommend Mr. Cochran to anyone who needs a great attorney.
Aside from his fantastic work as an attorney, he also does magic tricks to make you laugh and smile when you think that there is no hope, he likes to try and keep things light. Gill Cochran is an all around excellent Attorney.

Excellent Attorney | by Sara | 4 November, 2016

Facing criminal charges that would ruin my life for my future and Gill was there, helping me through a very difficult situation. He first put my parents at ease, which is one giant step if you can accomplish that, you are headed in the right direction. He answered all questions without hesitation, and when the time arrived, Gill (coach) was there fighting. Gill made a bad situation GREAT and even accomplished keeping my record CLEAN. If ever a person is needing an attorney definitely I would I00% recommend my attorney Gill Cochran (coach). I pray I never need an attorney again but if I ever do; Coach you are the only one I would trust my life in your hands. Thank you from the bottom of my families heart. Hope I never need you but if I do…

Excellent Attorney | by Rex | 28 October, 2016

Gill For President!!

Gill is the man!! I was facing my 3rd DUI in the state of MD. Gill turned 3 lemons into lemonade. Got me a weekend and probation. Thanks Gill!!

5.0 stars| Nick |September 23, 2016

Magical Attorney

Gil represented me for a sentence reconsideration in AA Circuit Court. Don’t let that bowtie and cool demeanor fool you, he is brilliant, aggressive, and vicious in the court room. In person he’s very good at putting clients and families at ease. Although he keeps expectations realistic he has great instincts in the courtroom. Don’t be surprised if he shows up to court riding his Scooter!

5.0 stars|David |September 19, 2016

Best out there!

First, he calmed a serious situation down a few notches. He also always kept in contact, he put me at ease, and he had a plan. He was well organized, his staff was super-responsive. My case was dropped, and the paperwork for expungement went in the same day. Within 90 days my record was cleared. I can not thank him and his staff enough. They made a terrible situation bearable.

5.0 stars| August 15, 2016

Great Experience!

I can’t say enough about my experience with Gill Cochran!
Our family was facing a situation that could have resulted in very serious consequences for our son. Mr. Cochran put us at ease right away with his professionalism, communication skills and sense of humor. He kept us in the loop during the entire process and got the charges against my son dropped. Hopefully we won’t have to face another situation like this again, but if we do I would hire Mr. Cochran without hesitation.

5.0 stars| May 4, 2016

Man of his Word

I called Gil based off the reviews on this site. When i first spoke to him, he assured me that he would take care of an arrest warrant in MD as well as get me a speedy trial date, all of which he immediately did. Gil was very thorough throughout the process, keeping me updated by phone or email and assuring me that he was on top of everything.

Dan C | November 24, 2015


I was arrested for a DUI in Annapolis and, not being a native, I had not idea how I would be able to decide on the right lawyer. After being recommended to me by a couple of family friends, I decided to contact Gill. I am very thankful that my friends knew what they were talking about. It only took meeting Gill once for me to decide to go with him.

Grant | November 16, 2015

The Best Lawyer without doubt

Gill Cochran has a great experience DUI cases and there is no question that he truly knows what he does. As soon as one steps into his office, Gill will make you feel comfortable and give you security knowing that your in great hands. He explain to me the possible outcomes and guided me step by step, Not only that but he always kept me updated throughout the process. Best of all, he would Personally return Phone calls whenever i had a question. i when above and beyond with my case and i had excellent results. i recommend him 100%

Marco | November 11, 2015

I would highly recommend Gill Cochran

Recently, I was charged with a DUI in Annapolis, MD. During this life changing event, needless to say, I was terrified of the repercussions. I went to several highly rated attorneys in the Annapolis area and knew as soon as I met Gill, that i had found my attorney. From the moment we made Introductions he was able to put me at ease by performing magic tricks.

Ryan | November 11, 2015

Professional, Down to Earth and Effective.

Gill was the first lawyer I’ve ever needed but managed to put me at ease within seconds of our consultation. He was phenomenal for me during my DUI case and helped me come away with what we both felt was the best possible result. Gill was reassuring throughout the process and walked me through exactly what was going to happen. I felt that he was in complete control of my situation in courtroom and i felt far less nervous as a result. I feel that his confidence, down-to-earth attitude and timely humour truly set him apart from everyone else.

Patrick | November 4, 2015

Gill is professional, capable and effective.

Gill was able to use his experience and professional skills to have our case dropped. While facing a difficult false accusation against a family member, we were reassured by Gill as he worked confidently to resolve the issue. Our family is very grateful to find such a competent attorney.

Robert | October 21, 2015

Thank you

I was worried about my case I met Gill Cochran; he not only explained what he would do, I was also constantly notified of the state of affairs throughout the process. He ultimately had my case dismissed, my best possible outcome out of many. You should feel confident that with Gill Cochran, your case is in the best hands!

Sasha | October 15, 2015

Wonderful Experience!

Gill Cochran is the first lawyer I ever had to hire. It was great experience, despite the unfortunate circumstances. He really sets the bar for professionalism and attentiveness. Although i was a nervous wreck and difficult to reassure, he did a great job letting me know that he had everything under control, and he did. The outcome of my situation was far better than he predicted.

Shanna | October 2, 2015

The best of the best!!

I was facing some potential jail time with my most recent traffic offences, and I was scared to death. Gill was very thorough and reassuring that he would take care of me. I walked away with a PBJ and a small file! Gill is also a better magician than David Cooperfield! He will do some magic tricks at your initial consultation to put your mind at ease about your case. He is awesome! His the best at when he does!

Client | September 29, 2015

Case Dismissed

I didn’t even have to go to court. Gill handled my case in an exemplary manner and kept me informed throughout. He has to be the best lawyer in Annapolis.

Sandra | July 16, 2015

Excellent Attorney!

Back in Feb ’15, I was pulled over, arrested and charged with DUI, DWI and negligent driving.
My arrest was on a Friday evening so I hate to wait until Monday to contact attorney’s. I had consultations set up that week with three (3) highly recommended attorney’s in the area, Gill Cochran being one of them. Gill was the last attorney I met with and I knew after spending almost an hour with me, he was who I wanted to represent me in my case. Gill has a vast amount of knowledge in these areas and knew exactly what to do and how to handle my case.
I agreed to blow when arrested but after four (4) attempts, the administering officer informed me that I was going to be charged with refusal if not completed. Unfortunately, due to medical conditions, I begrudgingly accepted this and was charged with refusal to blow.
Gill advised me to get Dr’s records so that my case could be argued when I had to appear before the MVA ALJ. Thanks to the advice of Gill, I was found that I didn’t violate the MD Code and was given back full driving privileges.
The criminal hearing was in early June. Gill told me the best and worst possible outcomes and what I needed to do on my own to improve my chances of a better outcome. The day of the hearing, he couldn’t have been more informative and supportive. I walked out of court with only PBJ for negligent driving. The outcome was beyond my expectations! I could not be happier with his service! Gill made me feel at ease from day 1 and was always available, day or night, to answer questions. Not to mention, his office staff was exceptional as well. If you’re facing any kind of DUI/DWI charges, Gill Cochran is who you want to represent you!

June 12, 2015

I had my doubts but he delivered

I choose Gill because he came across to me as being very persistent. I felt like an aggressive borderline intimidating type of personality was what I needed to win the case. I wanted that to be directed at the prosecution. He also bent over backwards to work with me in every way possible. Whenever I had a question he was very responsive. I was facing 2 very serious charges carrying significant jail time and he managed to convince the prosecution to drop both of them without even having to argue my case in court. Still not sure how he did it.

Sean | November 25, 2015

Idk some good some bad so ill say average

Idk what to say about Gills he can to great and not so great it all depends on his mood I guess. I choose him because of his bigger cases that had been published in the past with good results. My boyfriend was charged with assalting a cop, 2nd degree assault, possession of pcp and other minor things… All where misdemeanors and he only had 1 prior disorderly conduct. Gill got him put on probation for 3 years supervised and 2 weekends in jail. I was impressed with that. However my boyfriend violated his probation with a missed phone call and a dui. When we went infront of the judge he asked to have the court dates put together and the judge advised him not to as he will not give him a plea. He preceded with putting them together which I think is not going to end well. He also lied to us the 1 st time telling us he would handle thing during the probation free of charge and now he wants to charge a ridiculous fee and I feel he is not earning that fee because he will not listen to us and the judge and seperate the dui and the VOP. Idk what to think of him. He is a great person tho and will soon become your friend after working with you.

XoSkyPegasesXo | February 19, 2012

My driving record is a mile long with tickets and offenses, and I was facing some jail time with this most recent offense. Gill got me a pbj and a slight fine. He is the best at what he does!!!

MEGAN GLASS | Oct 03, 2015

When we first met Gill we knew he was more then a 5 star Attorney. We all were somewhat nervous, but 15 minutes speaking to Gill we all were at ease. In the Court Room, well he certainly stood his ground, and made his point. He’s certainly one of Maryland Top Attorney. There aren’t enough stars for Gill and his knowledge. He will certainly be recommended. Gill thanking you in advance for all your assistance and cooperation. We all have the utmost respect for you. Fred, Vicki, and Granny…. (Yvonne )…

YVONNE S. | Aug 04, 2015

From day one Mr. Cochran assured me that he would take care of this. The day of the trial I arrived early prepared to spend the whole day waiting for my case to be heard by a judge. We spoke briefly prior to 9:00 AM and before 9:45 I was on my way home.He delivered as he said he would, he was always pleasant and left you feeling at ease. I would highly recommend Gil to anyone who needs assistance. Just meeting him will make you feel at ease about your situation. Keep his number in your contact list.

CHARLES BRICE | Sep 03, 2013

I found myself in a situation where I needed legal representation and was not sure where to begin. A friend of mine recommended I contact Gill Cochran. Having lived in the Annapolis area for the last 15 years, I was certainly familiar with the name so I gave him a call.After explaining my situation (being charged with disorderly conduct involving 3 police officers and facing 6 months in jail), he assured me that I had nothing to fear. Although I appreciated his confidence, I was still very nervous about my case since it was me against the Anne Arundel Police.Gill picked their case apart until there was nothing left and I walked away with a charge of Not Guilty! After seeing him in action, I now know why people go on about what a great lawyer he is. HE IS. And on top of it he is personable, approachable and always available when you need him.I am extremely happy with his representation and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal or personal injury lawyer.

SARAH FINDLAY | Sep 03, 2013

I have used Gil on two different cases with which for both of them I could not have asked for a more professional person to represent me. He knows very well what he does and I could not have ask for more in either cases.Tony Brazell

TONY BRAZELL | Sep 03, 2013

Gill is a Magician. Through his professional expertise, Gil Cochran was able to secure a desirable outcome for my legal difficulties. He helped the more serious charges disappear and thanks to him, I can get back to a normal and productive life.

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

I was very pleased with the service I received from Gil Cochran at Cochran, Cochran & Chhabra. I had worked with attorneys in the past who had dropped the ball on my case and left me in the lurch. Needless to say I was skeptical about Gil. I was facing some pretty serious charges DUI and another serious matter but Gil did his “magic” and made it disappear. Gil is also an amateur magician so be prepared to see his show when you visit his office. Anyway, thanks to Gil the charges against me were dropped. I can’t say he will do this for you but I can say he will do his best to represent you and he does know what he is doing. When Gil told me that he cared about me as a client I thought to myself (you mean you care about “money”) but I put him to the test and now I can confidantly say that I really do believe that he cares about his clients. Patti

PATRICIA EZZELL | Sep 03, 2012

I was very nervous about my trial. It seemed I would be going to jail for sure. The day of the trial Gil assured me that everything was going to be fine. He got all the charges thrown out! I have never been so happy in my life. Talk about being worth the money! I pray that nothing like this ever happens to me or any of my friends again but I know one thing for sure, if it does I’m calling Cochran Cochran and Chhabra!


This was the second time I used Gill for my legal troubles because he really is the best. I can tell that he really cares about his clients on a personal level. In preparation for court I did everything Gill instructed me to do, and for the second time the outcome was great. He was very motivating and kept me calm before we stood before the judge. Hopefully I will not fall into any legal issues again, but I will not hesitate to call Gill if I do.

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

I was referred to Gill by a close friend and was told he is the best. With only a 2 day notice Gill was ready the day of court. From the first moment I met with him and through court he kept reassuring me everything would be OK. Sure enough I left court with no points and a small fine to pay. Gill is a magician both inside and outside the courtroom. I know Gill truly cares about his clients, it shows in his personality and he really enjoys his work (and he will even tell you that), he loves it is was he said. If you need the BEST lawyer this is your guy or law firm. One last note, he has a very pleasant staff to work with and talk to AND they return phone calls promptly. Where can you find that these days. Thanks again Gill.

CHARLIE COX | Sep 03, 2012

Gill was absolutely awesome – from the morning I called to make an appointment (his office staff said to come right now) until all charges were finally dismissed. He explained everything very clearly, gave me explicit directions and didn’t miss a detail. Of course he IS a magician – and also an excellent attorney who knows his “business.” I highly recommend him to anyone!!

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

This firm is amazing! I began using their services in 1997 and continue to use their services today. I have recommended Cochran, Cochran, and Chhabra to several close friends and they have been as impressed as myself with their professionalism and knowledge. From the moment you meet with them you leave knowing your case is in good hands. In today world it’s hard to find an attorney that is more concerned about their clients personal welfare than the amount of money they could make.

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

Best DUI Lawyers! I recently hired Cochran, Cochran and Chhabra to represent me in a DUI case. I called their 24hr line about my situation and prior to me putting down one cent, they offered to meet me on a Saturday afternoon for an initial consultation. After posting a retainer they went hard to work for me, attacking every aspect of the case throughly. Throughout the whole process they were caring and attentive. I always received return emails and phone calls promptly, even return phone calls when I called them on the weekends and evenings. They worked very quickly in several instances to resolve state errors regarding my license status and the associated problems that this caused me. I received the best result I could have hoped for, and was very happy with their hard work. I would recommend them to anyone in this situation!

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 04, 2011

I called Cochran, Cochran, and Chhabra the morning after a bogus DUI charge. Even though i was innocent and felt taken advantage of, on paper my case was not gauranteed. Mandeep met me only a few hours after my initial phone call, reviewed mycase, eased my mind, and took care of all of the details, fines, and paper work. All i had to do was show up at court they took care of everything else! Needless to say i was found not guilty of all charges! I would recommend this firm to anyone in need of a dui attourney. They made a nerve wracking and frustrating expierience much easier!

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 04, 2011

hired Cochran’s law firm to represent my accident case in which I was the victim. I was also the victim from their practice. They never took pictures of my accident, never followed up on any deadlines. The clincher – I called them a few days prior to my “3 year anniversary of my accident” to file the case. They said I had seven years! A month passed and they realized the mistake but it was too late. Needless-to-say, I could not file my case because the statute of limitations lapsed. The culprit – the young man who hit me – ruined my life! He got off scott free! When I hired a new laywer to “sue” Cochran’s law firm, Cochran’s law firm didn’t even have my spinal surgical paperwork or much else for that matter to provide my new attorney. I would never, NEVER recommend this business to anyone!

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