Medical Advisory Board (MAB) Referrals on the Rise!

Recently, we’ve been getting several calls a week for clients who have been referred to the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) of the MVA. The MAB is a board comprised of physicians specializing in various areas of medicine. They work closely with the MVA to ensure that a driver is capable of safely operating a motor vehicle.

When someone suspects that a driver has a medical, physical, mental health, or substance abuse issue, that would render them unable to operate a vehicle safely, they can make a referral to the MAB. What most people don’t realize is that almost anyone can make a referral to the MAB, a Judge, a police officer, an attorney, or even a private citizen. Once a referral is made, it often results in an IMMEDIATE and EMERGENCY suspension of your license, which undoubtedly becomes an emergency for our clients, as many of them have jobs, kids, families, and life obligations which require their license.

If your license has been suspended by the MAB, time is of the essence! Generally, the quicker you take action, the better the outcome will be and the faster we can work to get your license restored. When action is taken quickly, there’s a lot that an attorney can do for you to help you save your license.

If your license has been suspended by the MAB, call us today at 410-268-5515 for a free consultation.

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