I Received a Letter from the Medical Advisory Board. Now What?

Recently, there has been an increase in clients being referred to the Medical Advisory Board. Most of our clients have never heard of the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) of the MVA until they are referred it. What is the MAB you might ask? ​The MAB is a board comprised of physicians specializing in various areas of medicine. They work closely with the MVA to ensure that a driver is capable of safely operating a motor vehicle.

What most people don’t realize is that almost anyone can make a referral to the MAB, a Judge, a police officer, an attorney, or even a private citizen. A referral can be made if someone suspects you have a drug or alcohol problem, a medical or mental health condition that affects your ability to drive, or even after an accident if you seem confused or “off.” Once a referral is made, the MAB will look into the allegations. If the MAB believes that you are an immediate danger to yourself and/or public safety, they will suspend your license on an emergency basis and notify you of the referral and the suspension in the mail (usually after your license is already suspended). If your license is suspended on an emergency basis, you have 15 days, from the date of the letter, to request a MVA hearing to contest the suspension and show cause why your license should not be suspended pending the decision of the MAB.

The MAB will also send you several documents that need to be completed and returned to them. This includes a health questionnaire that you need to complete, questionnaires/forms that your doctors need to complete on your behalf, and a waiver/release of medical records that you need to sign. After the packet is mailed to the MVA, the MAB will review the medical documentation, as well as the results of any additional testing that they required. After a thorough review of your situation, the Board will return recommendations to the MVA’s Driver Wellness and Safety Division (DW&S) for final action.
The process of getting your license reinstated is usually a lengthy, several month process of MVA hearings, multiple doctors’ appointments, additional testing at the MVA, providing medical documentation, and filling out paperwork. It can be a very confusing process.

At Cochran & Chhabra, we have successfully assisted our clients in getting their driving privileges restored expeditiously after a MAB referral is made. Call or text us today at 410-268-5515 if you or a loved one needs help with the MAB.

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