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In Maryland, a person who is convicted of a sexual offense must register as a sex offender with the state registry. Even if the offender was convicted out-of-state and lives in Maryland, or is convicted and moves to Maryland, he or she must register. Convictions include: the person was found guilty by a jury or […]

Recently, 26 synthetic drugs, such as Spice, K2, and bath salts, were added to the federal Controlled Substances Act. Synthetic drugs are popular alternatives to traditional street drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine, and were previously legal. As discussed in a previous blog post, Controlled Dangerous Substances are drugs that are regulated under the Controlled […]

Generally, vehicular manslaughter (also called vehicular homicide) is defined as an occurrence of death due to the negligence of a person that is driving, operating, or controlling a vehicle or vessel. Drivers typically commit vehicular manslaughter through reckless and negligent driving, distracted driving, or driving while impaired (DWI) or under the influence (DUI) of alcohol […]

Disorderly conduct, or "disturbance of the peace," typically consists of behavior that creates a disturbance, disrupts the public, or involves the defendant somehow "causing a scene." As a seemingly generic charge, disorderly conduct can encompass a multitude of situations. For instance, you go out to a sports bar with some friends to have a couple […]

The state of Maryland has been pretty busy in the law making department, enacting over 250 new laws. There are multiple new laws and changes regarding traffic violations and drug possession. Here is the roundup of new laws that went into effect today: Mo-ped and Scooter Law Additions: Requires scooters and mo-peds to be titled […]

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