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Why is it necessary to get a lawyer for a traffic ticket? With traffic tickets for small offenses, such as speeding or failure to wear a seat belt, drivers usually plead guilty and pay the fine. Taking the time out of their busy schedules to wait in traffic court for their hearing, which usually comes […]

Discussing Maryland’s DUI and DWI laws Maryland has two drunk driving laws: DUI and DWI. According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), police officers are authorized to stop and/or detain a person that is driving, or has made attempts to drive, while: Under the influence of alcohol; Under the influence of any drug; Under […]

Texting while driving and Vehicular Manslaughter Texting and driving is fairly common on our Maryland roads. This begs the question of, could you be convicted of vehicular manslaughter if you killed someone because you were texting while driving. Recently in Massachusetts, a case of first impression was heard against Aaron Devau, 18, who was found […]

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