Mandeep Chhabra

My wife and I ran into some legal trouble, which we are not accustom to handling. I performed extensive research on AVVO in search for the best attorney to represent our case. From the beginning Mandeep was diligent, proactive, and very responsive. He went out of his way to consult with us on a Saturday, and due to our circumstances he pulled a few favors to get an expedited trail date. The entire time he was professional, and put us at ease. With his help we achieved a NOT GUILTY verdict. I highly recommend him for his areas of practice, but hope to never need his services again. Mandeep, you are a true, quality professional, thanks for having our back!

Professional, Quality, True Pro! (5.0 stars) | by Jeffrey Willson | February 17, 2017

Mandeep is ultra caring, compassionate and super quick to reply! He knows what it takes to WIN! Talking with him is great and he is always straightforward, approachable and available.Don’t mess around, go with THE BEST! He’s been voted the best lawyer in Annapolis twice for a reason!

SUPERSTAR! SAVED ME FROM JAIL! (5.0 stars) | by anonymous | February 16, 2017

I highly recommend Mandeep. A excellent lawyer, very helpful throughout my case.

Excellent Lawyer (5.0 stars) | by anonymous | February 16, 2017

Mr. Chhabra is a fantastic lawyer. After meeting with him for an initial consult I hired him and could not be happier with the results. I was facing a plethora of criminal charges and was found not guilty on all counts, thanks to his efforts. He fostered open communication which helped reassure me throughout the process. His rate was very affordable too! If you need a lawyer I absolutely recommend hiring him. He will get the results you hope for.

Look no further (5.0 stars) | by anonymous | February 8, 2017

Mr. Chhabra represented me this past week in court on a speeding ticket using radar. I thought there was little hope for anything other than a PBJ at best but he managed to use his skill and magic and get a not guilty outcome. I’m confident that result would not have been achieved with a less experienced lawyer who doesn’t have the relationships and experience with all involved that he does. It was part of why I chose him beyond many other positive reviews both anonymous and from a friend. I’m relieved and grateful! Not having to worry about it or take a day off from work was wonderful and very worth the cost involved. I’d highly recommend him and his team if you find yourself in need of a great lawyer. He’s also been wonderful to work with- always quick and thorough responses to emails. I really appreciated him taking this on last minute and will always recommend him and use him if the need ever arises again. Thank you!!

Speeding ticket defense (5.0 stars) | by Renee | February 4, 2017

Mr. Chhabra represented my daughter for shoplifting and was able to get her case dropped. She suffers from mental illness and all though that isn’t an excuse for what she did, it is certainly a contributing factor. Mr. Chhabra represented her and she did not have to step into the court room which would have been very hard for her. He spoke to her with kindness and compassion but also made sure she understood the seriousness of what she did so she would not repeat the mistake. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer that is extremely effective but also very kind.

Excellent lawyer with compassion (5.0 stars) | by anonymous | January 17, 2017

Mandeep assisted as best as he could and this was very much appreciated. He adapted to my financial needs and schedule reasonably quick. Appointment and consultation was done in 1-3 days. I believe he knows the work well. I was late to the hearing and he was able to resolve the case by the time I got there. I followed his instructions and it’s now in the process of being cleaned off my record. This is my 1st offense as well. I really appreciate the courtesy given by Mandeep.I would definitely come back if I have any more questions or future issues.

Im a free man | by anonymous | 14 December, 2016

Mr. Chhabra is true professional and a wonderful and caring person.He make our complicated problem go away.I would highly recommend him and consult with him about any any legal matter in the future.
Thank you again Mr Chhabra!

Class Act | by Peter | 12 December, 2016

Mandeep is a great person and lawyer.He did everything he could to fight my case and we ended up winning.

Amazing Lawyer | by Nicholas | 30 November, 2016

Mandeep is a great attorney and I would highly recommend him.Everytime I had a question and reached out to him, he would respond very quickly and provided a clear explanation. He was honest with me from the beginning, and presented a clear plan for my case. An easy 5 star recommendation.

Excellent Attorney | by Andrew | 4 November, 2016

Mr. Chhabra is an asset to the Cochran Law team; he exceeded all expectations. I went to court today represented by Mr.Chhabra – he arranged to have my case dismissed, on a clerical technicality. It was obvious as a client, that the judges and the attorneys at the courthouse KNEW Mr. Chhabra well; their respect for him was evident….

Attorney Chhabra exceeds all expectations….! | by Kimberly | 2 November, 2016

Very diligent attorney told me what was going to take place, represented me very diligently,took care of my tickets and case closed…Thank you Mr. Chhabra…

Great Communicator!!! | by Yonny | 28 October, 2016

Mandeep is very educated and highly professional attorney.I got charged with a DUI back in April. My case was postponed a couple times,which caused me to be overwhelmed with a lot of stress. Hiring Mandeep, along with Raquel was a major relief. They showed that they really care about your situation and work with you until the very end. Long story short, my case was dismissed of all charges in October,except for Negligent Drive(1 point on…)

DUI Dismissed!!! | by anonymous | 24 October, 2016

A real man that understand the situation, goes way above and beyond any other lawyer, very compationare. An extremely trustful
Person, Kind, very very patient
With clients,
I’m very very grateful to him to take care of a family member…

Excellent excellent excellent | by Marc | 11 October, 2016

Mandeep went above and beyond when researching my case. With one question, he exposed a key piece of evidence that was left out of the prosecution so the judge had no other choice than to rule in our favour. Genius!

Excellent | by Alan | 6 October, 2016

All I can say is WOW!

Most lawyers would look at a DUI charge and see easy money. You did it but maybe I can lessen the charge or penalties is what I heard from almost every lawyer I spoke to. Mr. Chhabra was the only one that actually listened to what happened, came up with a game plan that questioned some basic facts that were right there staring everyone in the face. No one else thought past charging for your vanilla defense that normally ends up with a license suspension, fines, huge insurance increases or worse. He worked hard to make my case and the day before court, called and said I didn’t have to travel the two hours to court…it was over…charges gone. I was stunned! No charges, no convictions, no deferral of sentence…just gone. I received at least 75 solicitations from Maryland attorneys promising the moon but cautiously telling me that it probably wouldn’t turn out well. They just sign you up, take your money, do just enough and explain, oh well, we tried. I commend Mr. Chhabra for his knowledge of the law, his honesty and obviously the respect that the courts have for him. Talk to whoever you want, but in the end use Mandeep Chhabra for you attorney.

Bravo sir!

5.0 stars| Mike | September 29, 2016

I highly recommend hiring Mr. Chhabra as your lawyer. The reasons are many. I recently got into some legal trouble, and was very afraid of what was going to happen. So, I went and searched for a lawyer on Google. Mr. Chhabra had the best reviews on there, so I chose him. He then guided me through the process, always keeping in touch via text, phone, email, and the occasional face to face meeting. I had multiple charges against me, one of which was a felony. All but one of the charges were dropped after going to circuit court. Using his connections, he was able to have my case go to STET.

Can’t say this enough.

I highly recommend hiring Mr. Chhabra as your lawyer.

5.0 stars|August 23, 2016

best Lawyer

This is the best lawyer in town. He kept me in the loop and was able to make a stressful situation going to court like walk into the principal office as an adult. He is very professional and can truly empathize with his clients and will always keep his client’s best interest at the fore front of your case.

5.0 stars| August 9, 2016

A great attorney who is also a great person.

I got charged with a DUI back in April. I was terrified to say the least. After some thorough research and reading lots of reviews, I decided to consult with Attorney Chhabra. He immediately eased my mind and made me feel like this was not something that was going to ruin my life. I spoke with some other attorneys but none of them displayed the genuine care and professionalism of Mr. Chhabra. He was always available to answer my questions via text, phone, or email and made sure to be clear with me about what I should do leading up to my court date. Attorney Chhabra represented me in court and his expertise led to my charges being dropped and a small fine. He took great care to make sure that I wasn’t overwhelmed with anxiety at court and in the days leading up to it. I’m so glad that I followed my gut and hired him to handle my case. From day one, I knew that he was a real pro who would work aggressively to achieve a positive outcome for me. He is also a cool person to talk to and was interested in my goals and plans for the future. I am truly grateful for his help and highly recommend him as an attorney. If you need an attorney this is your guy!

5.0 stars|Y. Caron Harding | August 5, 2016

Support with an Accident Claim

Mandeep was referred to me by a friend for my post-accident claim and support. My initial consultation was very thorough (but I came prepared with all my supporting documentation) they were very supportive, very detailed, and quite patient while the other insurance company pushed back every now and then. They provided me with great guidance as to what was required of me and expected of me. After all of my therapy and visits to the doctors the bills didn’t pile up because I was given clear instructions when I received the bills I was to email them or fax them to him. While I could go on and on ~ all-in-all I would highly recommend them for their professionalism, the attention to detail and their willingness to fight for me and take care of me.

Thank you again to all of the Mandeep Chhabra Team.

5.0 stars| Will | August 4, 2016


I consulted with a few lawyers before meeting with mandeep and he blew me away. Very professional and made me feel more comfortable about what was going on. I was freaking out because I was on my second dwi. I blew a .19 at the station and I thought for sure I was going to jail. Mandeep told me what he wanted me to do before court to lessen the punishment and also emailed me everything so that I wouldn’t forget. I regretfully didn’t do everything that he wanted which I knew was a big mistake . In court we decided that we should try to postpone the trial so that I could hurry and get some of those things done that he wanted me to do. but then mandeep started talking to the judge and Next thing I know is that he got the case completely thrown out. No charges given( and I had around 7) case dimissed. It completely threw me off guard and I was in shock! I would refer him to anyone and if you want the best attorney call mandeep! Thanks so
Much for working with me.

5.0 stars|Ty | July 22, 2016

Great Experience

I hired Mandeep for my first offense DUI, and experience was phenomenal. He put my mind at ease, got the charges reduced, and I ended up with a PBJ rather than a conviction. I’d definitely recommend Mandeep!

5.0 stars| July 20, 2016

Great lawyer, Great Person!!!

Mandeep Chhabra is not your typical lawyer. He goes above and beyond, not just to win a case, but to put you in a situation to succeed in life. He is one the most genuine people I have ever met and I can say that he has helped me turn my life around. His support staff is just as amazing and there is always someone to help even when mandeep is in court. Highly recommended for sure!

5.0 stars|Aneesh | July 8, 2016

Well connected and knowledgeable

Should have used him first. He basically made my problem disappear with a brief trial appearance.

5.0 stars| Brandon | July 7, 2016

When I first meet with Mr. Chhabra, I was scared. I had never committed a crime before and the fact that my record could be tainted and that I could possibly go to jail terrified me. Not only did he calm my fears, he reminded me that, although I made a mistake, that mistake doesn’t need to define me. There’s a difference between “I made a mistake” (guilt) vs “I am a mistake” (shame), and Mr. Chhabra helped remind me of that. We finally went to court, and I was able to get off with a small fee and community service. A very fair deal, considering the alternative. Not only did Mr. Chhabra help me legally, he also helped me emotionally, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Roberto Lopez | December 16, 2015

Mr. Chhabra was highly recommended recently for his professional services. He not only met but exceeded our expectations. From our first meeting to our last court date, he was there to assist and to put us at ease. He was always willing and able to take our calls after hours and provide guidance in all aspects of the legal process. Clearly a leader in his profession. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Client | November 30, 2015

We hired attorney Chhabra to fight our speeding ticket & he did a great job, our ticket was completely waived without any points. I highly recommend him.

Suri | November 17, 2015

I couldn’t be happier with the results of the services I’ve received with Mr. Chhabra. He was comforting, efficient, sharply smart, and fought for my best interest in my case. This situation was the worst of my life, but I took comfort knowing that I was being represented by someone who knew exactly what he was doing. I couldn’t have asked for better representation!

“A Client” | November 11, 2015

I got in a car accident that was my fault, I had 3 serious charges against myself and consulted many lawyers and through friends and other references I decided to move forward with Mandeep. He was the only professional who said he could clear my case as many others said it would be extremely difficult. Not only was his team phenomenal to work with but he himself was able to get all 3 serious charges dropped. I now have a clean driving record all thanks to Mandeep. He is an excellent lawyer who is extremely knowledgeable in his field and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. If I could give 6 stars I would!

Russell | November 10, 2015

Out-of-state traffic tickets case

Great “go-to” traffic lawyer. Everything from A to Z was excellent. Very professional. Best Lawyer. Period. In order to make it helpful for any potential clients, simply stop searching and contact him. If you want your case resolved in best possible scenario, he is the man to talk to. Highly recommend. Thanks you very much, Mandeep.

Alex | September 28, 2015

Helped my son with a DMV matter

Mandeep went out of his way and showed up at the hearing, that I was going to attend with my son. Mandeep showed up when he didn’t hear from us. Anyway my son and I got to the DMV and Mandeep already had it taken care of with a successful outcome.

Mike | August 28, 2015

Mandeep is an excellent attorney that represented me in a criminal case. He is very easy to talk to which helped me to make me very comfortable in a relatively stressful situation. When we got to court, Mandeep knew everyone there and my case was resolved in my favor very quickly. I highly recommend this attorney and give him 5 stars.

Mike | August 28, 2015


Thank you so much Mr. Mandeep. I went in for a consultation with Mr. Mandeep and after speaking with him and being assured that he would do his best to represent my son on Assault charges, I was very pleased that he treated each case with the highest level of professionalism regardless of who you were and what the crime was. I have never meet a lawyer who has so much compassion for others, I found a lawyer for life and I will tell my friends if they want the best Lawyer to contact Mandeep at Cochran & Chhabra.

August 27, 2015

Outstanding Lawyer

Mr. Chhabra is a phenomenal lawyer. The highest professionalism and care was taken with my case, which was ultimately dismissed. He made a very stressful experience easy and painless, and ensured everything was taken care of. I did not have to worry about a thing, and I couldnt be more pleased with the results. I would not hesitate a moment to reccommend his services to anyone in need of legal assistance.

August 18, 2015

Mandeep was very professional and friendly and understood our situation very well. He was very responsive and friendly at the same time. I am extremely glad that I worked with him. I did not know Mandeep very well and all it took for him to get started was just a phone call and he showed up. He kept me informed all the time through various forms of communications including phone, email, text, meet me in person etc.

Rajani | June 26, 2015

Super Attorney and Satisfied Client

I went online to find an attorney.
I chose Mr. Chhabra. I have to say it was a excellent choice. He was accessible, responsive and very professional. He has a big heart and TRULY cares about the well being of his clients. He represented me and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome. I would definitely recommend him he is truly a super attorney.

Michelle | June 19, 2015

Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Mandeep Singh Chhabra was great from the beginning. He was very responsive, called me soon as I requested him and was ready to set a meeting. I trusted him from the start. The outcome of my case could not have gone any better, I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Mr. Chhabra….Legal Assistant Melanie was also great!

Marc | May 12, 2015

Traffic violations

Hands down the best traffic lawyer ive ever hand i would recommend him to anyone seeking help in the MD area!!! Great Job!

May 1, 2015

Awesome Lawyer

Mandeep was very solid knew what he was doing and got all my charges dropped best lawyer I’ve come in contact with!

Don, April 30, 2015

Professional and Efficient

I was cited for more than 10 moving traffic violations one morning when I was pulled over on Interstate 95 in Maryland, and was placed under arrest due to the nature of those citations.
When I first emailed Mandeep asking for his assistance, he replied within 20mins. After a few emails between the both of us, we spoke on the phone for him to get a better understanding of the details and circumstances of my case. He assured me more than once that he’d handle this case and that I need not worry about anything. His office promptly submitted the official documentation [stating he would be representing me] to the appropriate court system; I was emailed a copy of said documents that same day.
After taking care of all the legal formalities on my end (my license was suspended due to an unpaid ticket), Mandeep assured me that since everything was fine on my end, he would ensure the case would be dismissed. Sure enough, the day of my court date, all charges were dropped and my case was dismissed; I was in court for no more than 10mins that day.
Mandeep was very professional and efficient in handling my case; I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal representation in court.

March 5, 2015

Good outcome

Mr. Chhabra and his office staff helped us get the documents we needed in order, advised us and answered all our questions quickly and expertly. He represented us in a hearing and helped us achieve a favorable outcome.

Brian | December 8, 2014

Attentive and Quick Results!

I was beyond satisfied with the services from Mr. Chhabra. He walked me through every step of the way and was able to get my settlement on my personal injury case very quickly. Would recommend him to any and everyone, he is the BEST in Annapolis!

November 24, 2015

Fantastic lawyer! Knowledgeable, responsive, considerate and effective!

I hired Mandeep after being arrested for DUI. This was my first-ever arrest and criminal charges, and I had no idea how to handle it. I was arrested on a Friday night, contacted Mandeep next day and he met with me on Sunday morning. Once I retained his services he took over and handled everything for me. His vigilance and attention to detail resulted in a minimal fine and all but the least of the charges being dropped, with no suspension of license. He got me the best possible result for my situation. Throughout the entire process he kept me well informed and was happy to answer all of my myriad questions. I am so glad I had Mandeep handle my case, and highly recommend him to anyone!

May 23, 2013

My Experience with Mandeep Chhabra, Esq

My initial inquiry was responded to promptly and our initial in-person meeting was scheduled within 24 hours of my first contact. Mandeep provided my case careful consideration, offered a variety of options and their potential outcomes, designed and subsequently implemented an effective strategy to address my case. He adjusted his own business and personal schedule (s) to accommodate my own which I feel is a noteworthy quality. Leading up to my court appearance he remained engaged, informative, and encouraging. For all of these reasons, and for many more – including the end result of my case – I confidently recommend Mandeep Singh Chhabra and remain sincerely thankful for his professional service and commitment to his clients.

Alexandra | April 24, 2013

Excellent, Compassionate Lawyer

Mandeep represented me in a personal injury case following a 7 car pile up. The case was extremely complicated, but he constantly explained why it was complicated and the next steps. He got to know me, so I didn’t feel like I was sitting with a stranger who didn’t care about anything but the check. I highly recommend him and the firm. They take care of you so you can deal with the personal side of it.

January 20, 2012

Mandeep Chhabra is a great genuine person that has the best interest in his client. He makes sure to communicate with you consistently and is very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Mandeep if you are considering someone to represent you.

ELENI B | Jan 08, 2016

My experience with this firm was perfection. Mandeep is an excellent lawyer. I am confident to say he is the best criminal defense attorney in the state of Maryland. It was absolutely the most terrifying situation I have ever been in, I was scared out of my mind to say the least. Mandeep helped me through the entire process, he was very professional, informative, and accurate. The false charges against me were serious and embarrassing, during my case when it seamed like nothing is going in my favor and felt like all hell was breaking loose. Mandeep swooped in and fixed everything for me. He went over and beyond for me, I can only imagine the countless hours him and his team spent working for me, knowing that his caseload is probably full, I got a phone call from his office on a holiday to insure that I was going to be ok. He is a very understanding, kind, and genuine person. My family and I are indebted, because of you Mandeep we are together and happy, thank you from all of us.
Anyone would be foolish, outright stupid to go with another attorney. You want to be treated fare in the eyes of the law… Choose wisely
Your friend and client forever

DAVID GONZALEZ | Nov 20, 2013

My experience with this firm was perfection. Mandeep is an excellent lawyer. I am confident to say he is the best criminal defense attorney in the state of Maryland. It was absolutely the most terrifying situation I have ever been in, I was scared out of my mind to say the least. Mandeep helped me through the entire process, he was very professional, informative, and accurate. The false charges against me were serious and embarrassing, during my case when it seamed like nothing is going in my favor and felt like all hell was breaking loose. Mandeep swooped in and fixed everything for me. He went over and beyond for me, I can only imagine the countless hours him and his team spent working for me, knowing that his caseload is probably full, I got a phone call from his office on a holiday to insure that I was going to be ok. He is a very understanding, kind, and genuine person. My family and I are indebted, because of you Mandeep we are together and happy, thank you from all of us.P.SAnyone would be foolish, outright stupid to go with another attorney. You want to be treated fare in the eyes of the law… Choose wiselyYour friend and client foreverDavid

DAVID GONZALEZ | Sep 03, 2013

My experience was beyond excellent. Mandeep Chhabra truly cares about his clients and has the ability to earn your trust and follow through with that commitment. I felt that he did everything that he could possibly do given my circumstances of my case. He was able to get me the best result and I was happy that he was the one in my corner. I would never use anyone but him if I have any future legal issues. I already referenced him to a friend and he used him as well and was pleased. No doubt your making the right decision if you choose to use this firm to represent you, and I believe if you don’t you are making the wrong decision. Overall AMAZING!!


Mandeep Chhabra has been more than just a great attorney but also an amazing addition to the community around him! I first meet Mandeep, through a referral from a very close friend. When we were younger (10 years ago) and the trouble makers, driving fast on our motorcycles or cars and worst of all DUI’s. Great part is, we never had one point on our licenses. I have had a clear record for over ten years due to Mandeeps help and guidance. His presence in the courtroom is warm and welcoming, the judge and officers seem to welcome his presence and always seem to come to a mutual agreement for any charge we were faced with. The other day I received a small violation, a new law, stating that you must move from a lane adjacent to an officer if they had pulled someone over or something to that extent…. Decided to fight it in court on my own…. To my surprise I run into Mandeep, after 8 years, in the court room…. Guess what?? He got me off with no points…. Go figure…. I would highly recommend Mr. Chhabra to anyone seeking legal counsel as him and his partners are very well known and liked in the legal community and court system.

WILLEM B. | Sep 03, 2012

Working with Mandeep was a pleasure. He was very personable and knowledgeable, and made the whole process less daunting. My ticket was reduced to the minimum sentence possible, I could not have asked for a better outcome. If I ever find myself in need of a lawyer again, Mandeep will be the first person I reach out to. I’d recommend him to anyone!

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

I consistently refer client’s to Mandeep Chhabra, as I know that they will receive the very finest in legal representation. As a fellow member of the bar I know how important it is that clients facing difficult circumstances be handled professionally during trying times. Mandeep has earned repeated accolades from every client I have referred to him. All of the praise afforded to Mandeep is 100% well deserved.

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

Mandeep was helpful and extremely professional in his handling of my case. He was prompt, accurate, and thorough in responding to my many questions, making the entire process a far less daunting process. I highly recommend him, and should I ever need a lawyer again, wouldn’t hesitate to call him first.

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

Mandeep helped me after being charged with a Disorderly Conduct. Mandeep knows exactly what he is doing and is very familiar with both the court and legal systems in Maryland. Once hired, Mandeep was always reachable. Even if I had contacted him on Sunday he would respond quickly. He was very reassuring and kept me comforted through the whole process. I strongly recommend that anyone in legal trouble hires Mandeep Chabra

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

Very pleased with the outcome of my case. Mr. Mandeep Chhabra is a true professional and I highly recommend him to others in need of an attorney. Sometimes life catches us off guard–but I feel reassured knowing that solid legal representation is just one email or phone call away.

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

Mandeep represented me in a drinking and driving case and I could not have been happier with the results. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I had never been arrested or in trouble before so it was a pretty scary moment for me. Mandeep was extremely thorough and honest in explaining how the case would be handled; and most importantly he followed thru and executed his plan. Not only was he great for my initial court date, but he also helped me have my probation removed months later. I cannot say enough about Mandeep’s professionalism and his performance as my attorney and would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in that difficult situation. Thanks again Mandeep!

A GOOGLE USER | Sep 03, 2012

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome at my hearing today. Honestly, I had been nervously dreading this day for months. I thought I was definitely going to lose my license until well into the holidays. My case was slightly unique, but the odds were considerably against me. Not only did Mandeep do a fantastic job at calming my nerves, he got the judge to declare ‘no action’ on my case. I almost cried with happiness this afternoon; it was so surreal.Mandeep Chhabra has been handling my case with extreme professionalism and makes each step carefully and in a very timely manner. He has been fantastic at replying to my many questions and concerns along the way as well. If I ever need help in the future, or any of my friends and family are in a similar situation, I would absolutely recommend Cochran & Chhabra.


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