Not your typical lawyers…

Go over changes in the law decriminalizing marijuana and the rejection of MD’s request to allow frisks based on odor of marijuana

Explain the new laws put into effect October 1st including expungements of cases that were convicted of crimes

Discuss the Justice Reinvestment Act and the benefits to Anne Arundel County citizens

Talk about an immigration case where a family had disabled children and were allowed to stay in the U.S. for an additional year

Go over court procedures and how criminal/traffic cases can take upwards of four months to get a trial date or over eighteen months for civil cases

Get in depth about the Castle Doctrine and how it is meant to give one the right to protect, not a license to kill

Discuss 5th amendment rights and when it can and can’t be used in cases

Explain 2nd amendment rights and discuss whether it should be re-appealed due to death increases