Not your typical lawyers…

Talk about the “Good Samaritan” law that protects those assisting and the recipients of an emergency overdose situation from being charged criminally.

Discuss the Bill Cosby trial and how Eric Cann, a Kentucky attorney, plead guilty in a massive fraud scheme, removed his ankle bracelet, and fled the country.

Talk about Baltimore attorney, Christos Vasiliades, who allegedly offered a rape victim $3,000 to not testify and claimed if she didn’t take the offer, Trump would deport her.

Go over the “topless sunbathing” fiasco in Ocean City and the trial of a teen accused of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide.

Discuss the State v. Adnan Syed case, which is pending a new trial here in Baltimore.

Talk about casinos making consumers with gambling problems sign an order, giving casinos the right to deny access to the machines.

Explore condominium rules and regulations that prohibit them from barring renters privileges after nonpayment.