Not your typical lawyers…

Discuss the process of gaining guardianship and the difference of a power of attorney with guest co-host, Eileen Cochran

Go over what an advance directive is and explain the three part document

Explain Mr. Chhabra’s case that was appealed to the Circuit Court and was won after a four day trial

Talk about attorneys trying their cases in Anne Arundel County more often

Discuss the “Dred Scott Decision” and the effect the removal of the Confederate statues is having across the US

Get in depth about the Costco case, where they were sued by Blue Box Tiffany Company for false identifying products as “Tiffany”

Go over the complications of getting continuances issued in cases

Explain the Charlottesville riots and what is happening in the states regarding the statues being taken down

Discuss the separation of powers in the judiciary, legislative, and executive branch

Go over the process of accepting a plea from the state