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The federal government regulates every facet of over-the-road hauling, from the maximum weight of semi trucks to the manner in which freight should be loaded and tied down. These strict rules reflect the grave danger that a 40-ton tractor-trailer or other large truck represents to the rest of the motoring public.

Unfortunately these regulations are routinely defied in the name of greed and efficiency. For trucking firms and truck drivers, time is money and extra cargo means extra profit. What's the harm?

Maryland Truck Accident Lawyers Who Know The Law

The Annapolis law firm of Cochran & Chhabra, LLC advocates for victims of truck accidents that result from overloading, unsecured loads, neglected maintenance and other dangerous conditions. In pursuit of full compensation for the aftermath, our skilled trial attorneys work to prove that the trucking firm knowingly or recklessly violated regulations.

We handle trucking accident personal injury and wrongful death cases in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore and throughout Maryland. Contact us day or night for a free consultation.

Overloaded Trucks · Unsecured Loads · Improper Inspection And Maintenance

Cochran and Chhabra, LLC has the resources to conduct a thorough investigation into the root cause of truck crashes. We work with automotive engineers, accident reconstructionists and other experts to examine the wreckage, the debris field, the "black box" data recorder, trucker's logs and the company's maintenance and inspection reports. By analyzing these facts we work to establish the negligence or intentional acts that caused or contributed to our client's catastrophe:

  • Exceeding weight restrictions, resulting in increased braking distance and reduced maneuverability
  • Improperly secured loads, resulting in falling cargo or shifting freight that causes the truck to veer, jackknife or overturn
  • Improper storage and securement of hazardous materials, resulting in harm from toxic exposures or delayed medical attention
  • Neglected maintenance, resulting in non-roadworthy trucks with bald tires, bad brakes, broken lights or other hazards.

Committed To Recovering Maximum Truck Accident Compensation

After documenting the liability of the transportation company and any third parties, we focus on obtaining comprehensive compensation. As overloaded truck accidents commonly cause severe or catastrophic injury, we work with a wide network of experts such as medical specialists, physical therapists, vocational rehabilitation specialists and life care planners. We carefully document our client's needs regarding medical care and lost wages, and the impact on quality of life such as permanent disability and pain and suffering.

You can trust us to investigate the overweight or unsecured load in pursuit of justice. We want you to focus on healing from injuries and getting your life back together. For a free consultation, contact Annapolis overloaded truck accident lawyers of Cochran and Chhabra, LLC at 410.268.5515 or 888.268.5515, or contact us online.

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