Suzanne Houle

Suzanne is AWESOME! I got much better results from my case then I expected or had hoped for(especially since it was my 3rd offense)! She is a very smart attorney and always easy to get a hold of or get right back to me when I had questions about my case. I’ve already recommended her to 2 of my friends and would recommend her to anyone else. Thanks, Suzanne.

5.0 stars | by Patrick Healy | March 6, 2020

We were very pleased with the outcome of our daughter’s court case. Suzanne gave clear instructions on what needed to be done and was professional throughout the complete journey. In the past, we had contacted an attorney and met with them and then when we showed up to court, it was a different lawyer all together. Suzanne was the only one that met with us, emailed us and appeared in court with us on several occasions. I can’t stress how much I would recommend Suzanne in this email but I would refer her to any of my friends and family with legal issues. Satisfied customer! Thank you!!

5.0 stars | by anonymous | February 19, 2020

Suzanne Houle did an amazing job. She’s friendly professional and took care of everything putting my mind at ease. I received the outcome I had hoped for. I highly recommend!

5.0 stars | by Justine Harrison | December 28, 2019

Everything i needed done was done in a professional manner, i never had any questions as everything was always explained thoroughly and i knew at each step where i stood and what my outcome was going to be. If ever i need any assistance again on any legal matter i highly recommend Cochran & chhabra, LLC.

5.0 stars | by Matt Louw | December 16, 2019

Last year I got myself into a little situation and needed legal assistance. Being I’m from out of state I had to call around and speak to different firms and lawyers. I would say I called and spoke to 5-7 different places and out of all of them Suzanne Houle from Cochran & Chhabra was the most passionate and informative with my case. Even from just a phone call, she made me feel like everything was going to be fine and she assured me she could help. Throughout the whole process she kept in touch and updated me with everything. We got the outcome we wanted and I couldn’t be more happy. In my opinion pricing shouldn’t be the sole factor in choosing legal assistance but she was more affordable than half the places I called and even offered to help with expungement after. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone in need of legal assistance. 5 stars!

5.0 stars | by Kody Vongprachanh

Suzanne is truly awesome….God has given her wisdom that makes her an outstanding lawyer. In our initial consultation of my second degree assault case, she immediately picked up on a major error that my opponent made…charges were filed long after the statutes of limitation for the State of MD and obviously retaliatory. Suzanne thoroughly educated me on the process and made it a priority to have the case dismissed before it was even heard in court. On the day of trial, my case was dismissed right there on the spot! I can’t thank her enough for all her efforts and for working with me on this matter. Folks, Suzanne is the real deal!

5.0 stars | by Kathleen Mbanefo

Mandeep, Suzanne, and the support staff were absolutely amazing. Honestly, I’ve never had a comparable experience with an attorney team. My charges could have severely altered my life and I needed a strong attorney to represent my interest. I found Cochran and Chhabra through faith and market research. I was confident I made the right choice by choosing Cochran and Chhabra, LLC during my initial conversation with Mandeep. Mandeep spoke with me during my initial call to the office and he personally texted me his phone number and directions to the office. The disposition and positive outcome of my case proved my assessment correct.
Mandeep’s ground game (the communication with the State’s Attorney and preparation) is second to none. After a few months of preparation and consistent communication, Mandeep passed my case to Suzanne Houle. The transfer of information was seamless and Suzanne represented me in court. Having had her own practice for several years, Suzanne walked me through the proceeding, liaised with the State’s Attorney, and prepared me to appear before the judge. Mandeep and Suzanne did such an amazing job that my Status Conference appearance turned out to be my trial. In the end, the States Attorney’s recommendation aligned with what Mandeep and Suzanne conferred with her about. The judge agreed, found me not guilty, and waived all of my court fees.
Prayerfully I won’t require counsel for any future incidents however, if I do, I will definitely contact Mandeep or Suzanne.

5.0 stars | by R.M. Stowe

I’m so glad I hired Cochran & Chhabra, Suzanne was wonderful and put my mind at ease. She made sure I was prepared and as a result my charge was immediately dropped and expunged. I couldn’t be happier!

5.0 stars | by Rosemary Welton

Suzanne was very professional and ultimately a big help. She was also quick to respond with any question that I had.

5.0 stars | by Anonymous

Suzanne Houle expert for traffic issues.

5.0 stars | by Roswitha Thoenelt

Suzanne has represented two times for me, two different cases. She personable, professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone.

5.0 stars | by Paulette Bobo

I am writing this to give rave reviews about Suzanne and her firm. Primarily, I appreciated her great advice and attention to detail. From the very first meeting I was put at ease knowing I had someone looking out for my best interest. She is a class act and if you need a lawyer to represent you I would highly recommend Suzanne.

5.0 stars | by Tom Brice

Suzanne Houle is awesome! From start to finish she eased my nerves and concerns and I’m still thanking the gods of law for the great and unexpected outcome!
Thank you Suzanne!!!
Thank you C&C

5.0 stars | by TJ Taasevigen

Suzanne R. Houle Is an amazing Attorney she will go the whole 9 yards and more to make sure you get the best outcome!!!

5.0 stars | by Jamal Dobbins

You were simply great!

5.0 stars | by Durelle Manley

Susanne Houle represented me in 4 cases over license and registration violations. I had a very very expired license and suspended tags. I think the first prosecutor refused to consolidate the three AA County cases due to jealousy. The second and third were consolidated, saving me time, if nothing else because Suzanne Houle knows what she is doing. I had citations perhaps as long as I am tall if laid out together, one of which was three pages long with 12 charges. A lawyer with whom I had previously spoken guaranteed me jail time and big fines and wouldn’t even take the case – a drive to AA County wasn’t how he planned to spend an otherwise great day. He also said that with so many incidents in such a short time things were really really bad. So that suggests that today when I went for my last case, the guy before me should have gotten off light, and I should have done two days – the maximum is 6 months per offense on just one offense we’d already had thrown out previously. In AA county, the maximum fines alone totalled – I’d have to look – $1000? $2000 easy. I walked away with $150 total in fines and zero points which would have gotten my brand new DL suspended if I had to take the maximum – something I didn’t need after paying the comptroller a pile of cash just to get the license back.
The aforementioned gentleman’s lawyer, after dealing with the prosecutor brought him before the judge with a jailable count that Susanne Houle had already convinced the prosecutor to throw out if I took a hit of $50 on a benign (no points) charge. $50 maximum.
What he got:
His two priors were spaced out ten years apart since 1999. Should get off light, right?
His lawyer played up his character (hardworking landscaper, family man, expression of remorse, etc.) to the hilt and all I can say is he might be cutting grass late at night to pay the fine and still feed the family.
Bigger fine – I didn’t catch the amount, but I wish I had his number. He can cut my grass while I’m fixing the riding mower.
Probation – 30, 60, 90, whatever.
40 hrs community service. At this point I’m thinking, “Brush axe clearing trees in the woods.” They do that in some places. Also thinking, “I can do that!” completely forgetting that Suzanne is about to have that charge thrown out in my case. So much for time to do side work to pay the fine. I really feel sorry for him. He got the shaft.
A lecture about how 3 offenses can get a judge thinking about jail time and even deportation.
What Suzanne Houle did for me:
Again. All 3 AA County cases only cost me $150, no points, no time, no service. Not even a lecture.
She built me up in 30 seconds and confirmed that any priors were satisfied.
$50 fine reduced to $35 without even asking – a gift!
3 days unsupervised probation – an incentive for me to pay up quickly.
No lecture!
Some might say there were miracles involved in this and I won’t deny that; but one of those miracles is named Angelique – my awesome sister who spoke with, vetted, and hired Suzanne Houle to represent me from a list of five attorneys.
Suzanne Houle is senior partner material and any law firm that doesn’t see that would be foolish to lose her because one way or another, that woman is going places.

5.0 stars | by Mike C

I am not familiar with working with legal issues, so meeting Suzanne Houle and having her represent my son was the right decision. She was understanding, patient, and comprehensive in our very first visit. I felt comfortable. She took care of the details and we were satisfied with the outcome. Thank you, Suzanne.

5.0 stars | by Suz Snider

I contacted her with a traffic case, and she resolved it within a week. She was friendly, helpful, and did what she said she would do. I would definitely hire her again if I had to.

5.0 stars | by Terea

I hired Mrs. Houle to be the attorney for my boyfriend. He has quite a few convictions on his record. During his criminal case in Baltimore County, she kept us up to date on everything that she planned to do. She not only advised us, but also showed compassion and comforted us through the entire process. She went above and beyond what she was paid to do. She took over an hour just to consult about the case before even being hired. Her replies to inquiries were quick, accurate and helpful. She knew how most of the case would play out before it even happened. She was very professional with us, and everyone in the court. Unlike some attorneys, who try to be forceful within the court, she was very approachable and easy to deal with, while still not allowing herself to be walked on by the prosecutor, and got a better than average deal with the state, and an even better agreement with the judge. She knew precisely what type of person the judge was and how he would react to certain things brought up in court. She was very helpful in coaching my boyfriend about what the judge would want to hear to agree with the deal that she had in place from the prosecutor. She also treats you as a human being and not just another paycheck. That may not sound like much, but when you are looking at possible jail time, it can be very comforting.

With that said, while no one can promise a good outcome in every case, I can say with confidence, that she will give her best effort to defend you and get the best possible outcome.

5.0 stars | by Trishara

I hired Suzanne Houle to defend my boyfriend in Anne Arundel County. This case was over two years old and he was looking at 40 charges. Most of the charges were trumped up as usual over prescription fraud. Anyway, Ms. Houle handled this case perfectly. She did research on the case, the facts and even the judge, to determine which way he swayed. Whether he was hard, soft or down the middle. First time around in court she got a good deal. Plead guilty to one charge. But we wanted to push it off until later. She devised an idea to get it postponed. The second time around she did more research on the new judge. She poked around with the states attorney to see what he was looking to do. She recognized that the court was full, the states attorney was over worked for the day. She backed him in to a corner with an offer. He did not like the deal and refused. Later in the day she pressured him for relevant facts of whether witnesses were present and so on. She pressed on, forcing him into a corner. She forced the issue so that he was given no choice but to agree to put all 40 counts on a stet docket. You can research it to find out what a stet is. In essence, on 40 charges, he walked out with no fine, no court costs, no probation and no jail time. Please note that all cases are different. And the same results cannot be guaranteed, you need to know that she will be the best attorney you can find. She was not only there in a professional manor, but she treated him like he was a person. A human being. One who made a mistake. An honest, hand forced by circumstances, mistake. When he was feeling down and upset, she made sure to discuss the case and inform him of all the details. She kept us in the loop at all times and controlled the case and atmosphere in the courtroom at all times. She didn’t just back down and take the first deal. She worked hard for the best deal. This is the best attorney possible for your case. She does not get the credit she deserves. If it was possible to give more than 5 stars I would. Well worth the money we paid. She saved our relationship. And our lives together.

5.0 stars | by Robert

Mandeep and Suzanne were very prompt, knowledgeable and insightful in helping me resolve my case with an excellent outcome. They put me at ease and were very professional and courteous throughout. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help.

5.0 stars | by Anonymous

I have used Suzanne’s services on two occasions and would not hesitate to use her services again. She is professional, personable and very knowledgeable. I have become very fond of her. She has proven to not only be an excellent attorney, but a good person as well.

5.0 stars | by Paulette B


5.0 stars | by Britany Guarnera


5.0 stars | by Tom Brice

Suzanne Houle is a great lawyer. Her rates are reasonable and is excellent for traffic related cases. Highly recommend her. 5 stars

5.0 stars | by Omar J

Suzanne was extremely warm and communicative during the entire process for my traffic case. She thoroughly explained every potential outcome to me and advised me of my best options throughout. She was very patient the day of, and instead of rushing the case in court, used extremely skilled judgement and was able to get me the best possible outcome. I couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend Suzanne!

5.0 stars | by Katrina Noplos

Suzanne has represented two times for me, two different cases. She personable, professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone.

5.0 stars | by Paulette Bobo | April 16, 2019

Suzanne Houle expert for traffic issues.

5.0 stars | by Roswitha Thoenelt | April 10, 2019

I hired Suzanne from Cochran and Chhabra, she was wonderful and I couldn’t be happier!

5.0 stars | by Rosemary Treadway Welton | February 22, 2019

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