A car accident, no matter how minor, can be extremely nerve-wracking. The time immediately following the crash is very confusing, especially for drivers who may be in shock or pain, but it is also tremendously important for any impending legal matters. The more information that can be collected as close to the time of the […]

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, people are more likely to die in an alcohol-related crash around Christmas and New Year’s than any other time of the year. While this might seem tragically predictable, many of those fatal accidents occur because of the persistent myths that follow drinking and driving. This […]

In Maryland, a person who is convicted of a sexual offense must register as a sex offender with the state registry. Even if the offender was convicted out-of-state and lives in Maryland, or is convicted and moves to Maryland, he or she must register. Convictions include: the person was found guilty by a jury or […]

Recently, 26 synthetic drugs, such as Spice, K2, and bath salts, were added to the federal Controlled Substances Act. Synthetic drugs are popular alternatives to traditional street drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine, and were previously legal. As discussed in a previous blog post, Controlled Dangerous Substances are drugs that are regulated under the Controlled […]

Generally, vehicular manslaughter (also called vehicular homicide) is defined as an occurrence of death due to the negligence of a person that is driving, operating, or controlling a vehicle or vessel. Drivers typically commit vehicular manslaughter through reckless and negligent driving, distracted driving, or driving while impaired (DWI) or under the influence (DUI) of alcohol […]

Disorderly conduct, or "disturbance of the peace," typically consists of behavior that creates a disturbance, disrupts the public, or involves the defendant somehow "causing a scene." As a seemingly generic charge, disorderly conduct can encompass a multitude of situations. For instance, you go out to a sports bar with some friends to have a couple […]

The state of Maryland has been pretty busy in the law making department, enacting over 250 new laws. There are multiple new laws and changes regarding traffic violations and drug possession. Here is the roundup of new laws that went into effect today: Mo-ped and Scooter Law Additions: Requires scooters and mo-peds to be titled […]

Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS), are drugs that have been regulated under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and have been divided into five “schedules.” These schedules are classified by how hazardous the substance is, whether it is used in accepted medical treatments, the potential for abuse, and the likelihood that it could cause addiction or dependence. […]

On October 1, 2012, motor scooter and mo-ped operators will have new rules to follow. Maryland enacted a new law requiring drivers and passengers to wear motorcycle helmets that meet the safety standards provided by the United States Department of Transportation, and wear eye protection unless there is a windshield. The law also requires all […]

Handgun Laws and Concealed-Carry Permits in Maryland Handgun ownership and control has been a hot topic with the recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado and arrest of Neil Edwin Prescott in Crofton, Maryland, who threatened to commit a workplace shooting, many news outlets have been. This leads many people to wonder what would happen if […]

Along with swimming and sun tanning on the beach, boating is one of the most popular pastimes for Maryland residents. Many families flock to the water with bathing suits, food, and a few drinks to enjoy the summer weather while it's here. When throwing in drinks, sometimes boaters forget that operating a boat under the […]

Expungement is the removal of records from public view. In Maryland, there are three types of records that may be expunged: (1) Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) points and violations, (2) police files, and (3) court documents. There's a different process for each agency, so in order to have your records expunged entirely, you have to […]

Maryland's Distracted Driving Laws and Consequences Texting while driving may be the most prevalent way drivers are distracted from the road, but it is not the only way. Distracted driving also includes: talking on a cell phone, eating, changing songs or radio stations, applying makeup, checking email, reading, or anything that forces the driver to […]

The Consequences of Violating a Probation Before Judgment in Maryland In a previous post, we discussed a Probation Before Judgment disposition and what it meant for a defendant. Here we answer a common question: what happens if I violate my probation and I have a Probation Before Judgment (PBJ)? A defendant with a Probation Before […]

What is a Probation Before Judgment (PBJ) Disposition in Maryland? After a defendant enters a guilty plea, or is found guilty by the judge or jury, the next step in a case is sentencing. However, in some cases, the judge strikes the guilty finding and offers the defendant Probation Before Judgment, or a PBJ (not […]

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 95 million Americans aged 12 and over have tried marijuana at least once. In 2007, there were 24,710 arrests for marijuana offenses in Maryland, with possession accounting for 89 percent of those arrests. Typically, in Maryland, there are three distinct categories into which drug offense […]

Why is it necessary to get a lawyer for a traffic ticket? With traffic tickets for small offenses, such as speeding or failure to wear a seat belt, drivers usually plead guilty and pay the fine. Taking the time out of their busy schedules to wait in traffic court for their hearing, which usually comes […]

Discussing Maryland's DUI and DWI laws Maryland has two drunk driving laws: DUI and DWI. According to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), police officers are authorized to stop and/or detain a person that is driving, or has made attempts to drive, while: Under the influence of alcohol; Under the influence of any drug; Under […]

Texting while driving and Vehicular Manslaughter Texting and driving is fairly common on our Maryland roads. This begs the question of, could you be convicted of vehicular manslaughter if you killed someone because you were texting while driving. Recently in Massachusetts, a case of first impression was heard against Aaron Devau, 18, who was found […]

Typically, infractions committed by juveniles can be separated into four distinct categories: Status offenses are behaviors that are classified as violations of the law only because of the offender's age. These most commonly include truancy, curfew violations, incorrigibility (or the refusal to obey parents or guardians), running away from home, and the possession or consumption […]

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