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A Lawyer Can Prevent A Minor Offense From Having Major Consequences

Do you think that when you get a traffic ticket for something you did, you should just plead guilty and pay the fine? Do you think that if you have a good excuse, you can just tell your side to the judge and the ticket will be dismissed? If so, you are like most people who later regret not seeking legal advice.

Whether charged with a minor traffic infraction or a more serious traffic charge that may carry a penalty of incarceration and substantial fines, you should speak to a Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A conviction in Maryland for a relatively minor speeding offense or other moving violation can result in points being assessed against your driving record, which may result in a surcharge being assessed by your insurance company. That surcharge could increase your insurance rates by as much as one-third each year over a three-year period.

We Fight For Lower Fines, Fewer Points And Reduced Sentences For Traffic Charges

More serious traffic offenses, such as driving while suspended and those involving accidents, may carry penalties of incarceration, substantial fines and points assessed by the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). An accumulation of eight or more points can result in the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges in Maryland, with those points reflected on your driving record for a period of two years. If you drive a company vehicle during the course of your employment, the insurance rates your employer pays for you to drive will also be affected.

To protect your driving privileges and insurance rates, you need the assistance of traffic violation lawyers in Annapolis who are aggressive in the defense of traffic charges and related MVA administrative sanctions. We successfully challenge the accuracy of radar, laser and VASCAR evidence, and the qualifications and certification of the operator using that equipment. We are experienced in reviewing your driving record, looking for errors made by the MVA that may have caused your license to be wrongfully suspended or revoked. We are familiar with the various judges and jurisdictions within this state, and how your case will be handled in those courts. A judge has the discretion to reduce the points and fines associated with your charge, or grant a probation before judgment (PBJ) disposition in lieu of imposing a conviction and assessing points for a first offense.

Experienced Litigators By Your Side

Our criminal law attorneys have the legal expertise and experience that could make a difference in the outcome of your traffic charge. For a free consultation to discuss the details of your traffic case and obtain legal advice from a Cochran & Chhabra, LLC, attorney, call us toll free at 888.268.55156 or contact us online. We are always available and often meet with clients in trouble in the middle of the night. We make home and hospital visits to clients who are injured. We serve clients in Annapolis, Baltimore and everywhere else in Maryland.

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