Raquel Smith

Raquel is the ultimate legal beast at what she does. I am super satisfied with the 4 dropped charges that she was awarded on my behalf. She is such a guru at what she does, she managed to get me a refund from MVA , yes you read correctly, a refund,in addition to the charges being thrown out.. I have already been recommending her to potentials..
I have her number locked in after her initial follow up as she is very proactive in making contact . An absolute WINNER!!!

The best Lawyer in the DMV (5.0 stars) | by anonymous | January 13, 2017

We hired Raquel Smith to represent our son on a traffic violation. Ms. Smith was knowledgable, professional, available and responsive. She understood that this was a big deal for us, and was also caring and attentive. Most importantly, when we got to court, she nailed it. We received a judgment of acquittal based on Ms. Smith’s objections in the first minutes of the trial. She was awesome and we are very grateful. We’d hire her again in a heartbeat and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Hire this lawyer! | by Anne | 29 November, 2016

Raquel was referred to me by a friend. I had my consultation and I instantly knew she was the one. She showed empathy with my situation and was transparent from the beginning. She stayed in constant communication with me throughout the process which minimized my stress with my potential case outcome. I was awarded the best possible outcome to my case due to her knowledge and strategic mentality. I have already recommended Raquel to my friends and family. Simply Amazing service!

Simply Amazing | by Gregory | 28 October, 2016

Raquel Smith is an excellent lawyer!

It’s a bit surprising, how much Raquel stands out as a lawyer. From beginning to end Raquel was extremely knowledgeable, I had no idea where to start or how my case was going to end. Raquel answered all of my questions and was always available when I needed her. I can not thank her enough for helping me through the scariest time in my life. She managed to get my charges all dropped. I highly recommend her to everyone. She is truly a gem.

5.0 stars| Kat |September 6, 2016

A client’s testimony

Raquel is a great lawyer.. Someone sharp, accurate and with great concious and honesty.. Although my case was a minor thing but she took it so seriously and took care of me in all the procedures and kept notified at all times and she was always available.. So if you want a lawyer who knows what she’s doing and does a great job then it’s Raquel

5.0 stars|Amr Fathalla | May 30, 2016

Raquel M. Smith is a WINNER

If you are looking for someone who is sharp, articulate, well prepared, direct and gets the job done and wins your case, then Ms. Raquel M. Smith is your attorney. Under a short timeframe I was amazed at how thorough and professional Ms. Smith was in successfully representing me in my criminal case. Having her in your corner is the best decision you can make when choosing an attorney that WINS!!!!

5.0 stars|Angel | May 23, 2016

Charged with DUI

When you go to court for a DUI 3x’s the legal limit amongst other charges, you gotta go in with a pit bull, no leash. Raquel Smith is the one you want on your side….Boom all charges dropped. I am internally greatful, she saved my life and lively hood. Thanks NRL

5.0 stars| April 19, 2016

On Point

Attorney Raquel is an amazing attorney. She was given my case at last minute with no time to prepare and she rocked. The way she presented my case, you’d thought she prepared. She won the case with flying colors with the information provided by me. What an amazing attorney! You’ll always be the 1st attorney I contact.

5.0 stars| Tameko | March 21, 2016



After hiring Ms. Smith she handled my court hearing with professionalism and style. Btw she we won! I’ll use her for the remainder of my life.

5.0 stars| norm | March 3, 2016


Raquel represented my mom in a serious traffic case that left her traumatized with the police. Raquel was very understanding and sympathetic to her situation and informed us of the upcoming court process. I really appreciated that she kept me updated on what was going on with my moms case. The day of the court hearing my mom was very nervous but Raquel’s calm demeanor and professionalism in front of the judge, reassured us that everything was going to be ok. All the charges were dropped, including those that carried jail time. We had a pleasant experience with Raquel and I would definitely recommend her to my friends or family!

5.0 stars| Wendy | February 18, 2016

Excellente abogada – Very good lawyer!

I hired Miss Raquel at her new firm in Annapolis. Mr. Cochran and Mr. Chhabra always take care of all my friends. This time I was happy to meet a lawyer who speak spanish. She was very friendly. Stay late to see me after work. I see her one week before court but she told me no problem. On day of court she handled my case with no problem. I was so afraid of going to jail. I got no fine, no jail, and made me feel nice to have someone speak spainsh with me. I tell all my friends to see Miss Raquel if they need a good lawyer. We need someone in Annapolis that speak spanish.

5.0 stars| Marvin | February 18, 2016


I have seen Raquel in court beat some of the most experienced prosecutors. She is always prepared and very profession. Very impressed by her legal knowledge and courtroom skills. I would recommend Raquel to anyone that was in need of legal services.

5.0 stars| Samantha | February 12, 2016

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